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2008-02-24 18:23:37 by Aeonstars

Hey guys! I thought I'd just upload this little teaser here. CTF3 is in full swing now. The voice actors are recording and I'm drawing. I could ramble on about it but that's not fun for anyone. What is cool though is that I might be getting a website. Nik Gray, the VA for John has a friend who might set up one for us. Anyway, I'm sure you've all seen MGA2 by now... It "inspired" me in a weird way not to dwell on the little things in a flash. I guess NG just doesn't care about the little things. Anyway, CTF is moving along. Thanks for reading guys. I'll Fedex you all cookies and bonbons.


Script for Capture The Flag 3 done! HEY YOU READ THIS.

2008-02-10 17:46:46 by Aeonstars

The script is done! Well almost, maybe, sort of. Pretty much. I'm at the point where everything is coming together and I'm choosing music from the audio portal to sync with scenes and I feel good. I want this to be an awesome episode of Capture The Flag and I want it to go by FAST. Here are some of my overly ambitious goals up ahead:

-Get CTF3 done. as I mentioned, fast.

- Read more books on scriptwriting.

- Finish my wannabe scripts.

- Learn the basics of programming.

Now I know how this sounds, random newgrounder. It sounds like I'm just one of those douchey "Ima be an actor/model/physicist/spacecowboy" but let me assure you, I'm completely one of those kinds of people but the difference is I know my place and I'm all douched out for the time being. I'm 18 and I can branch off into anything right now. Ok my fellow newgrounders, I know this is a dangerous path but I am not alone. I have a very powerful weapon:

Script for Capture The Flag 3 done! HEY YOU READ THIS.

Script for CTF3 in the works!

2008-02-01 12:57:49 by Aeonstars

It's been a while but I'm ready to get the ball rolling on CTF here at NG again! I'll have to contact people who offered help with drawing and such. I hope the overall process goes much quicker this time around and I'm considering even writing the script for 4 while I'm in production for 3. It's been two weeks since I last spoke to a representative from Corus Entertainment and I'm guessing they're most likely going to pass on my script. When I spoke to her though, she promised to let me know and I believe she will contact me soon enough. Ok, time to do this all over again. HERE WE GOOO.

Hey everyone. I'm writing a 22 minute version of episode 1. Well the first draft is finished and some pretty big changes are necessary. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Some stuff definitely works whereas other things, I don't know, don't seem to satisfy. Maybe I'm crazy's based on Capture The Flag. My newgrounds series. Go check it out if you haven't! I made some pretty big changes to make it fit a 20 minute block though. Currently, the script is 19 pages long but I feel that's definitely as lengthy as I should make it. So anyway, I'll give you guys a taste of what it's about and I'd love any feedback (of course I'm gonna get a little flamed) on the content.

- Evan comes to camp TF, meets a weird kid named Mark.
- We find out a where Evan was three months ago. A completely different setting.
- Evan is having a hard time finding a buddy and Mark suggests asking a big kid.
- The big kids basically crucify Evan.
- We find out what Evan was involved in three months ago. A serious game of Capture The Flag.
- A mysterious man scares the kids who crucified Evan away.
- Evan's friends from the past abandon him. He's expelled from school.
- Evan meets Amy.
- Three other boys spy on Evan.

end of episode 1. Now I hope you didn't read that if you were unfamiliar with the series. So what do you guys think? Does this sound like something little kids would be interested in?

Capture The Flag: EP 2 Now in Portal!

2008-01-01 16:09:05 by Aeonstars

I'm sorry about the huge delay! CTF2 is now in the portal!!

See episode 1 here:

This long son of a bitch tested my limits in ways that both gave me a pleasant challenge and had me kicking and screaming at my computer. I recommend watching episode 2 twice most of its content. The pacing is pretty quick and I hope that you take the liberty to zoom in to the background to pick up on the little extras that add to the story and help answer some of the questions you may have. I tried to put in some imagery. For example, pay attention the second scene where Evan is outside the manor ;).

I'd love to hear from you guys! I imagine most people will complain about the length and this cannot be avoided but please consider everything I did for this flash. I poured my heart and soul into this project and made sure every square inch of it was sufficiently detailed. Well, I'll write some more later. Please vote and review! I'd love to hear your theories on what is happening at Camp TF. Cookies for everyone!

Capture The Flag: EP 2 Now in Portal!

One Week

2007-12-23 07:04:39 by Aeonstars

I know I said next post it will be up but there are still a few tiny bugs to work out and I'm leaving for vacation very soon. I'll submit it when I get back so one week. I guess it will be a late christmas gift, Wolfblitz! See you later everyone.

CTF2 Will be released within the next few days!

2007-12-21 02:26:10 by Aeonstars

The next Time I post CTF2 Will be up guys! I'm working on all the lip synchs, facial expressions, and hand gestures. Then it's time for one more background drawing and some detail. After that, I throw everything together, center things nicely and make a credits page. This has been a juggernaut of a project. And although I am super proud of it because its the most complex narrative I have created in a flash so far, it's still just a flash with the medium's own set of limits. I really tried to break out of those constraints and I felt I did it fairly well but in order to do so, the flash is incredibly brief. Not to say its length is short, it's my longest flash so far...but a lot happens and I only get to touch on what could be some really cool things if I went into more detail. That is for future episodes however. Hopefully I'll get some help if this picks up the interest I'm wishing for. Who knows lol...What if I get a whole team of people willing to draw and animate and I'll I have to do is write and direct....that would be heaven. Imagine we all could release an episode or two a month. I could create whole A plots and B plots! These two eps I guess are in a way a two-part plea. I'm showing off what could be a really cool story, I just need someone to recognize it and give me some help and they could call CTF theirs too. I have no doubt I have the ability to make this series into a full fledged Newgrounds masterpiece. Hopefully people will see its potential when they watch episode 1 and 2. Like I said though (yeah after that ego-stroking monologue >_>...) please don't get too hyped for this episode. I know after all my blabbing about it, it's impossible not to expect something but...well..I am very proud of it and maybe after a couple rewatches you'll pick up on everything. It's not incredibly layered but there is sub text, background hints to what is going on, and for the first time in a flash I've made I put in a fair deal of imagery. It can be analyzed and I hope people do so. Above all else, the flash is pretty funny as well as dramatic. Well, I'll see you soon.

I should really take a break. BUT I MUST FINISH. I feel like I'm going to throw up from flash. Bleh. Not a good feeling. But because I pushed so hard I need to push even harder to finish. I need a collaborator. Aiyah. I'll post more later. I have one scene left to animate.

Working Hard on CTF2

2007-12-10 22:37:03 by Aeonstars

I have to go to Ontario in less than two weeks and I am going to make sure CTF2 is on newgrounds by then. I'm very excited to see how people receive my new flash. I don't think many people have attempted to make the kind of story in flash that I am. I'm going back and checking reviews for episode 1 and they're inspiring me! I don't have that much to say. I'll update this blog post later with more. Also, my second flash The Silent Protagonists just got into a collection!! After seven months! My god... And it's already gotten an extra thousand views and 4 reviews because of it. I'm very happy about that. I'm kind of jumping all over the place with topics here but back to CTF2. I think when I release it I'm going to include a sort of "Help Wanted" sign in my author's comment and the credits page. I need an extra set of hands on this series because it's taken me 4 months to make one episode and that cannot be how I do things. It needs to be half that length. I have a long story mapped out for CTF and it would take me years if I continued at it alone. Perhaps there is an artist who can draw backgrounds for me in the similar style I use. Or maybe there is a flash animator willing to help me animate. I am a perfectionist and the overall feel of the flash cannot change but I'm sure there's someone out there on NG who can help me. CTF might become a collabrative project between me and this MR.X I( would make them call themselves MR. X). Alright guys, thanks for checking in! Back to Adobe with me.

School's almost over!

2007-12-04 19:01:36 by Aeonstars

I'm in my last week guys! And this one is particularly tough. I have essays due every day this week, no time to sleep and a splitting headache that won't go away >:(. But as soon as it's all done...know what I'm going to do? Sleep and watch tv or play a game. But then after that, I'm going to rape CTF2 in the good way. This semester was 3 months long and although I got some valuable flash work done, I learned a big lesson about juggling (real) school work and my hobby. The next episode cannot and will not take as long. I just, I won't be able to keep going if they're allas big as CTF2 which isn't that big. Then again, some major drawings were done for CTF2 that will be used throughout the series. Also, about two weeks ago Tom Fulp said we should make flashes in support of the writers during their strike. I threw a short script together and posted for voices and thought that I could get it done within a week. WTF WAS I THINKING!?! Well, doesn't matter're a disappointment and nothing like your grandfather. Hohoho, only a handful of people will get that one...within the handful of people that read this >_> Anyway...On friday, I officially go on a month and a half break. Bear witness, is my checklist:

-Finish CTF2
-Get the ball rolling for a Short Film
-Do massive work on a script
-Possibly start production on CTF3.

But before that I must:

-Do my fucking essay.
-Do my other (fucking as well) essay.

Talk to you all later. I'll be happy when this is over. Also, it's kiwifish's birthday tomorrow! Send him a PM with birthday wishes and a cake! No chocolate though, he shouldn't have that!