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Sorry for the long delay in posts. Production of CTF2 is about halfway complete and I'm hoping it will be done mid December. In fact, it should be done then I have a huge break from school. I know I've said this before but this has taken a lot longer than I had thought and I'll find some way to change that for CTF3. I don't know how but I will! Maybe less ambitious episodes.

Anyway, I need the voice of certain character for CTF2. I'm not going to reveal him or her. mwaha. Partly because I want to keep the mystery for myself and frankly, I know the five of you who read this don't care >_>. Ima bust up my head with a hammer so i'll forget. Joy.

Kiwifish has come up with an awesome tune for CTF and it very well may be the theme and Raust Black Dragon's going to put his awesome spin on it! He might make an original song too. I'm thankful to be in close proximity with so many talented people. Alright, it's back to work. Screw my final paper.

I need a theme song for Capture The Flag!

2007-10-30 11:07:03 by Aeonstars

Well not as fast as I'd like but over the last few days I've started animating and by the end of the day I hope to have animated most of a certain big scene. I'm getting really excited for CTF2. It's going to be most awesome flash thus far, that doesn't necessarily mean best but it's going to keep you on the edge of your seat hopefully. I don't know why I always address the viewer's sea when I make a flash...When I make funny flashes my intention is to get them to fall out of their seat laughing. I hate their seat.

Anyway, I've been listening to some RaustBlackDragon and he's great. He made a great XIN theme song remix. It can be heard here: /97164

I think it's very catchy and I want a song like this, not techno though, for CTF. I want a really good theme song that will make people think of CTF in the same way that this makes people think of XIN. There are several fantastic audio artists on Newgrounds that offer to make songs for flashes but I'm hesitant to ask any of them in case they make something I don't like. Imagine if somebody asks you to make music for their flash, you pour your heart and soul into it and they change their mind. I'm not paying anyone so I don't have the right to be picky. There are some really good artists but I just don't know who to ask. Perhaps I can ask a whole bunch at once and say that I'll accept the best and if they want to participate, they can choose to or not. But I think I'd need to get CTF to be a little better known though. I could play up the fact it was on the frontpage. But above all else, I want a really good theme that will make people get out of their seats. damn those seats. Thoughts? Suggestions?

...oh and I promised a picture ><. I took this a few days ago when I realized this was the first time all the characters were together. I gave Evan more detail but that isn't visible in this picture at all. I'll be detailing all the other characters too so these aren't the final versions. I like how they contrast each other and their assortment of colours.

I need a theme song for Capture The Flag!

I need to speed things up. CTF2 is going a lot slower than I had hoped. It shouldn't take this much time if I just push through. I'm not being lazy or anything >_>. Anyway I just wanted to post to say I'm not dead and maybe next post I'll add some pictures!

Messy room

2007-10-15 16:40:20 by Aeonstars

My room is really messy. I should probably clean it up. I thought the internet should know. Anyway, I got all the voice-overs for CTF2! They're all great and I'm excited to start animating. Unfortunately, I still have a lot left to draw and the process is going very sloooooowly. I think I'll start animating a few things in the beginning this week. possibly. maybe. If I can successfully navigate my way through these mountains of clothes and make it back to civilization I'll start figuring things out. Wish me luck.

Gonna do some big work on CTF2 this weekend.

2007-10-07 00:32:54 by Aeonstars

Note: If you're unfamiliar with my Capture The Flag series, check out episode one here:

It's been a while since my last blog post. School's been keeping me really busy. I've been drawing as
much as I can for's just been going very sloowww. I wanted to do 2 episodes before christmas. Still hope I can do that. I've gotten most of the voice overs, just missing one set which will come soon enough. I've drawn the outside and basically main area where the events take place but I haven't drawn its surroundings. I really want to take it up a notch and get things done very quickly. I've got an exam to study for but I've got a three day weekend with two days left. Canadian thanksgiving lol.

So I'm guessing on Monday I'm going to wake up and declare it my flash work day. And I want to actually have drawn the outlines for most of the areas. It took me six hours to draw something very small so claiming to do this goes against all my habits. The truth is I just have a lot less time now and I honestly feel guilty not working on Flash. For two years, I have been working on flash nonstop. It's my drug; my creative outlet. I suddenly had to stop for school and it's like I went through a withdrawal. Seriously... I'm not kidding.

I remember reading one of Tom Fulp's news posts about castle crashers. He was saying that he's constantly coming up with new ideas but he can't get the ball rolling on any of them until he's done with CC. He was saying how this is pretty frustrating. That the process was so slow. He has a site to run at the same time so he cannot devote all his time to making the game. I can sympathize. I take school pretty seriously just like I take flash seriously. I devote a tremendous time to flash so being unable to work on it when I want to so badly is incredibly frustrating. I'm constantly listening to the audio portal while I do my homework and scanning for songs that would work in my fifth major flash production. I'm a big Chronamut, Soundshifter and Kingbastard fan. Soundshifter actually goes to my school lol. I don't think I'm going to use any of their music for episode two as the script doesn't call for it but listening to their songs while I work really inspires me and I intend to use songs from each of them in the future. I have such high hopes for my series. Episode 2 is a lot longer than number 1 and it's my first flash that I do not provide a voice. Well thanks for listening to me ramble on. If you're some random Newgrounder with a snarky comment, then let's hear it.

My new computer is going to take over the world.

2007-09-17 18:00:10 by Aeonstars

I LOVE IT. It's a vista and the screen is biiiiig O.o. Ive never had a flat monitor before either. It was quite a bit of money but it's worth it. Flash looks fantastic. I'm having a problem getting flash up and running on this comp though. Shouldn't be too big of a problem. I'm going to start actually drawing things for CTF2 next weekend when I should have a big chunk of free time. The script has been done for a while and so far, I've received the lines from Kain-Ceverus, P3RFECT and MysticShinHanku. Seeya!

My computer died.

2007-09-09 16:57:55 by Aeonstars 1413/1

I downloaded a zelda sprite online game. It turned out to be a virus. My computer won't start now. I'm on my sister's right now. Kain-Ceverus (the voice of John in CTF) got infected with the virus as well and he lost some precious photos and he had to reformat. Apparently, the game was real and people were actually playing it. Just that some people kept hacking it and the creator got frustrated and uploaded a virus. Well good fucking idea moron because you ruined the computers of a lot of fucking innocent people.

It was time to get a new computer anyway. My old one just wasn't cutting it. I need more RAM anyway because Flash was running extremely slow. Luckily, I have CTF backed up for the most part and the character models which is the most important part. So within the next week, I am going to be doing some mad computer research to see what I should buy. I want at least 2gb of RAM, at least a 120gb hardrive (but nowadays, that's a minimum) and a good videocard and processor. If i had a computer like that, I'd be able to play WoW very smoothly.

So I find myself wondering how much this will cost. I'm guessing around 1800$ canadian but some of my friends are even saying that I can get a good one for 400$ cdn. Sadly, I do not not how much it'll cost. Just that I need it soon for school purposes as well. Any thoughts? Suggestions?


Yup. I just finished the rough copy today. There's a fair deal of content in it and things get said and done rather quickly. But I need to kind of zip through this episode and make it to the end. Basically the point of this episode is for Evan to meet and get used to some other characters.

School's been good. I've adapted now and everything but it's very different from High school life. I'll see how it goes. I've made a couple friends which is cool. It's very big as well. like a mall. I'm anxious to see where it takes me or how I react to it further on. Some of my teachers are brilliant and hilarious.

Now for games. My goddamn xbox broke >:(. I swear to god, if Microsoft doesn't fix it in time for Halo 3, there will be hell to pay. roar. And I want to play Bioshock too :(. And blue dragon. bah. If you have a 360, add me! my gamertag is Aeonstarz.

So that's basically it. Some news about CTF along with some tidbits about my life and videogame console. >_>. Thanks for reading no cookies though.


Capture The Flag: Episode 1 Made Front page!

2007-08-22 15:50:53 by Aeonstars

Finally. My hard work has paid off! This has made my day, made my summer! I'm very excited for CTF right now and the ideas are just pouring in. I will be writing episode 2 soon and will be forwarding the script to my fabulous voice actors. :D. I need to update my banner. hmm. later. >_>


I finished it! Capture The Flag: EP 1 is now in the portal. Thank you to everyone who stood by me for it and I look forward to more CTF episodes in the future! I don't know how well this will do but I have my hopes :). I've spend basically my entire summer locked in my room tweeking and fine tuning EP 1. Bitches and hoes? pffff. Symbols and tweens.

It would be awesome if people got into CTF and I got somewhat of a fan base lol. I have an entire storyline mapped out and when all the episodes are strung together, I want it to be like a movie. I couldn't have done this without my incredible voice actors. I met my deadline!