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2007-07-17 19:32:14 by Aeonstars

Hi, this is Aeonstars or Andre Szydlowski. I was given two names at birth. Either or really. I've been a hardcore newgrounds bum for about a good year and a half now even though I've been coming here for 7 years. I started experimenting with Flash 2 years ago and then I made MGS Trip Home with a buddy of mine, Tobromancer. Presently, I have 3 Flash cartoons on newgrounds, 2 of which have one daily awards. So that's just a little info about me. I don't expect anyone to read this really, else than people who know me personally. But I've never had a blog before and with newgrounds 2.0 (or maybe we should be calling it I'm gonna keep a blog. So if in the future, any of you decide you like my flashes, you'll be able to read up on how I ended up making it. (yes, i know, all my blogs will have a total of 1 views.)

The newgrounds redesign has been long in the making and now it's finally here? Personally, I think the new features are fantastic. has always been one of the best places for content on the net and it doesn't get the fame it deserves. Perhaps websites like are more popular because they have customized user pages. Now newgrounds has those as well, which I love. I hope the redesign throws a little more spotlight on NG and Mr. Tom Fulp. Of course, with any major change, there's always a little hesitation. I miss the old Newgrounds layout a little because it was so familiar. Here, I have to tale a second to think and try to find how to get to where i want. Of course, in very little time, we'll all get used to it and consider it better. Which it is quite frankly. The features speak for themselves. As soon as I saw we could make a header, I opened up Flash and threw all my characters together in front of Gary's Apartment. (Gary is the main character in The Silent Protagonists.) I put my logo in as well and in no time, I had made a kickass header which you can now see on my user page. Good job everyone behind

Lastly, I read a while ago that the redesign was going to have a search engine hand tailored for NG. Hopefully, this means that long forgotten flashes that dwell in the catacombs of newgrounds can be found a little easier. Personally, I do not think that I have not gotten the credit I deserve for my 3 cartoons but it's also frustrating to see the view count on something you've been working on for months suddenly freeze. Hopefully, this new system will fix that problem if only a little. Anyway, if you read this whole thing, then I'm grateful. You'll be seeing more of me soon!