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Hey Guys. Due to a recent post that got me thinking, I decided to put together a little chart which will help users determine the true scores of their favorite videogame parody flashes! The formula is simple -- Just take the score of a recent videogame parody and minus it by .5 to figure out what it really deserves. I took 3 of the game parodies on the front page and applied the formula and (OH BOI) the experiment is a success!

Just take the Videogame Parody Chart formula and apply it to anything as diverse as Gamer Tonight or the Awesome Series. Notice how The Real Legend 3 is still in the 4.00s. That's because it's a quality animation.

The Videogame Parody Scoring Chart!

The Truth about CTF3

2009-01-10 02:23:50 by Aeonstars

The truth is... it's coming soon. I'm using this break as best I can to make progress and I've already completed 2 scenes. THAT'S A BIG DEAL OK. I have the next 6 days off and I'm not leaving my computer chair for anything. I know how long it's been. I know how annoying it is. There's nothing for me to say that I haven't said before. But now, it's really moving along.

ETA: 1 MONTH until it hits the portal. 30 days guys more or less. Also, it's my birthday so you can't get mad. HA.

I just googled Evan Kingsley (hmm... I wonder what would come up if we googled other characters) :

The Truth about CTF3

Rina-Chan's Documentary is out!

2008-10-07 15:49:12 by Aeonstars

Listen to it here!

She can't make front page posts herself so I'm doing that for her. All the information about the doc is on her blog.

For a short summary though, the audio doc is about the rivalry between two distinct types of flash authors in the NG community: the ones who put time and effort into their submissions and the ones who make quickly animated video game parodies. If you're a regular to this site AT ALL, you should be aware that there has been tension between these two groups over the last couple of years, especially this year. The documentary is really informative and you get to see things from a ton of different view points. It's an eye opener.

Now go listen! The doc's got big NG names... and me too >_>

Rina-Chan's Documentary is out!

MGS Collab Disc 2!

2008-09-21 14:45:22 by Aeonstars

I made it into the Metal Gear Solid Collab Part II and not only that but I was co-authored! I'm super honored and I'm loading up flash right now to work on CTF3. I'm also anxious to get it out on the portal.

I have two other contributions to the NG community that should pop up some time soon. I drew for Sketchbook Tour '08 and I recorded for Rina-Chan's podcast on the parody popularity issues here. Can't wait for those to come out too.

Anyway -- I think it's time for a new banner and picture. Suggestions?

Note: I'm afraid I misspoke. By Newgrounds shirts, I meant just one newgrounds shirt and by apocalypse, I meant the return to school. I just wanted your view, I'm so lonely.

Since Wolfblitz and Emat have been using my userpage as their own personal MESSAGE BOARD, I guess I'll just have to make a new post then won't I? The truth is I'm at school. I'm wearing my brand new newgrounds shirt and I feel all powerful. I just had my first english class and I think I may have accidentally written something profoundly sexist in my writing sample. I'm tired.


just an abbreviated thought

2008-06-19 03:06:46 by Aeonstars

I'm almost done all the main animating. After that it's a LOT of drawing. My new technique of animating all the characters then placing them in the scene isn't going to work as well as I'd hoped. We'll see.

just an abbreviated thought

I'm not dead.

2008-06-14 22:08:38 by Aeonstars

And CTF3 is coming along nicely. All of Evan's movements are almost done. Some voice Actors are being very unprofessional though. In the meantime, I found this little puppy online:

/* */
I love the Brackenwood series. I hope to one day compile enough CTF footage to make a clip like this.

Just submitted my part for the MGS Collab!

2008-05-15 01:20:48 by Aeonstars

Yep. I've been working on it over the last couple of weeks and I finally sent it in. VintageBro drew all the character models for me and I wouldn't have even started if it weren't for them. Look him up on Newgrounds! He's great. Watching how ideas on a storyboard materialize never ceases to surprise me. Something that works conceptually may not produce well at all and vice versa. I mean when does anyone ever say "Yup. That's EXACTLY how I pictured it." We all wonder what would impress US and that's how ideas are formed but after that comes translating it into words, and taking the necessary steps to making it a reality and then also explaining it to anyone else involved. If your idea manages to take each beating those steps give it and still survive to be a shadow of what you originally pictured, then you should consider yourself lucky :)

Well it's time to delve into Capture The Flag 3. I've been afraid of this thing. I've written a script with over a 100 lines of dialogue and I don't want to cut one. A flash with 100 lines of dialogue doesn't pop on the portal every day. I wanted to post some catchy picture of it but that wouldn't be fair. It would be giving the impression I've been working hard on it when I haven't. It's now summer and I have no excuses. Let's find out what happened to Evan.

Hey everyone Just trying out this new embed video function! Here's a dub of a deathnote episode I made a while back! If you look in the corner, the person who posted it gave me credit. (Youtube took it down. Why I use NG.)

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Need talented Drawer/Animator for flash series - Will pay $$

2008-03-18 18:28:40 by Aeonstars

I need a freelance animator to co-author my flash series with. My series' batting average is 4.2, the episodes have all won daily awards, and have been featured on the front page. I need help. I'm willing to pay. The series is Capture The Flag. If you're interested, go watch the episodes, then e-mail me at:

- - - - - - -

Alright I'm up to my wit's end. I've been searching for a collaborator for over a month and a half and so far people have either broken their promise to help me, or just don't have the skills I'm looking for.

IF this summer I work full time, that will make flash work almost impossible. So while I'll be getting a
fat paycheck, Capture The Flag will suffer. Episode 3 is written. I need a freelance animator.


I have a fantastic story planned out and I will not let this series die. In a perfect world I could have a team working for me. I WOULD PAY YOU ALL. If you're interested, do not hesitate to e-mail me at:

*EDIT*: Thank you for everyone who's shown an interest. I'll be replying to everyone tomorrow.