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Capture The Flag: Episode 4

2010-03-09 15:23:58 by Aeonstars

Is currently IN PRODUCTION!!!

It's coming, Newgrounds. Some of you vaguely remember the name. Some of you never heard of it. Well I've just sent the finished script over to my voice actors. This episode is divided in 2. Meaning you're going to get one episode and then another one right after it just a short time later. The first one is character-driven with some subtle developments and a whole lot of talking. The second promises to give you guys some answers. Let's revisit this series together.

EPISODE 4: The Man in the Lighthouse COMING SOON.

Capture The Flag: Episode 4

Poster for my new short film!

2010-02-15 17:33:10 by Aeonstars

Hey guys, there may be some good news yet despite my last post which was a bit on the pessimistic side. In the meantime, check out this poster for my short film!

Starring Anton Golikov, Jean-Francois Picard, Lisa Savard-Quong, and Bill Croft.

Produced by Raphael Bennett
Cinematography by Dustan Lewis-McBain
Sound by Miguel Ocampo-Gooding


The MGM stuff at the bottom is just for show. No, Charlize Theron isn't in it. All the images are from the movie, though.



Poster for my new short film!

To all prospective scriptwriters - come read!

2010-01-29 19:05:59 by Aeonstars

Hey guys, it's been an awfully long time since I've made a post. To my few fans out there, I'm sorry I've been out of touch. To be honest, after the meager response to the last CTF installment which I consider to be most well-made of the bunch, I kind of veered away from the NG community to pursue making short films. Well, 4 months later, I've made another one that's in post-production right now and it's been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. When it's online, I'll be sure to post it here. Being a filmmaker has been my lifelong goal and so I knew eventually I would have to end my career here on Newgrounds although I firmly believe it is one the main reasons I am the guy I am today. Whenever anyone tells me I have talent, I know it's because I spent endless nights devoted to making flash animation for this website, regardless of how they were received.

I don't know what's going to become of the CTF series in the flash medium. I have the mythology of the show planned out and I wish to tell the entire story as a television series. So here's where you prospective scriptwriters come in and I know you're in abundance on this website.

I have continued the Capture The Flag story on in the form of scripts for now.

This is until I can realize my dream of making it a television series and that will take a few years. To those few who follow the series, post your emails here and I will send you every script. So far, there are a total of 3 written in television half-hour format.

I plan to leave for University next fall. I wanted to stop making flashes as it has always been more of a hobby and film was more my passion. However, in the past few months, I've been craving to make another flash. So before University, I promise to make at least one more. Pleast post here if you wish it to be Capture The Flag: Ep 4 or some standalone flash.

I love all you guys who have supported me. I'm not dead on this website but I think things may drawing to a close for me here. Please let me know how you feel.

Check out my short film!

2009-08-18 15:41:19 by Aeonstars

This is the short film I wrote, directed, and edited in my winter semester at college. I've just started working on my second film and am preparing myself for the innumerable headaches and heartaches that await me along the way. In the meantime, I always wanted to share this with NG and show why I haven't been producing many animations. This took up all my time! Also, this film won Best Narrative and Audience Choice award at my college's film fest :D. I don't think it's really in the NG community's taste but lemme know what you all think.

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Capture The Flag: Episode 3 is now in the portal!! Why are you still reading this? SEE IT HERE!

Make sure to watch Episodes 1 and 2 first!

Finally, after way too much time, I release the third part to my series. This animation has been in production hell for over a year and I've worked on it on and off, balancing school, a short film, and a part time job. I do have a small but very loyal fanbase that has been pushing me to continue and I appreciate your patience!

Episode 3 is stock full of secrets and hints that help unravel the CTF mythology. As I have always said, I want to create a compelling well thought-out narrative here on Newgrounds and that has always took priority over animation or drawing techniques. I have the entire storyline figured out. Not making this up as I go along. So theorize, analyze, and hypothesize! Ask me any questions you want. I can't promise to answer all of them but I will give some clues.

Capture The Flag: Ep 3 Now in the portal!!

It's DONE - redux

2009-06-22 14:15:34 by Aeonstars

Edit: So I exported it and everything looked fine and dandy until I went home and realized the synching for all the mouths were off when they looked fine on the school's computer. So, as it turns out, the school computer lags when I test the movie and doesn't show me what it will truly look like. I just came in again and exported three different copies, one of which seems to work when I run it on a normal, competent, and not retarded piece of hardware. I have to go home now to make 100% sure but if all is a-go, CTF3 might very well be up in less than 24 hours.


Edit: I have the swf file right here on my desktop. It's all done. I'll be uploading it probably Sunday or so.

So I need an extra week.

2009-06-13 12:05:57 by Aeonstars

C'mon. You all saw this coming!

But only 1 week! Capture The Flag: Ep 3 will be on the portal by then! I'm just finishing up animating and synching the mouths then it's on to the facial features. I always leave this for last considering it's the most monotonous and time-consuming part of animation in my opinion. I have to work the next couple of days but I'm going to squeeze in four hours before work now and tomorrow.

I am also a little worried because this is the first time I have ever not watched my flash movie scene by scene in succession. There is always a glitch or problem along the way or the file crashes when I try to export. Towards the end, the file always glitches out and stops playing. I'm worried I won't be able to fix it but... I have to.

Capture The Flag: EP 3 hits the portal in 2 weeks!

2009-05-30 13:32:18 by Aeonstars

That's right. The third part to my series will hit the portal in 2 weeks...ish. This time that ETA isn't wrong! There's still quite a bit to do such as lip synching and facial animations but besides animating those and a few little inserts, the flash is ready to be packaged up and delivered. However this will only happen if flash gives me a break! Scenes that work fine individually seem to lag and tweens sometimes move at double-speed when the movie is viewed as a whole. This causes the whole file to fuck up and I don't know how to fix it. Also, the last scene always seems to crash. I have no idea what's causing these problems. Either a corrupt symbol or the sheer weight of the flash is too heavy. This is my biggest, most epic flash. Running time is about 10 minutes and the file size has already hit 10 mb. Tom, please let me submit over the file limit! Can anyone help me flash-wise?

It's been way too long since episode 2 and those who have been fans since early 2008 (and even 2007) will hopefully not be disappointed. This is the most cinematic of the bunch and if you liked the other two, this will only wet your appetite for more. So no, episode 3 is not full of answers but it sets the stage for the chapters to follow and it concludes the first volume of the overall story. It is also packed full of little clues and easter eggs to help you develop a theory on Camp TF. I know the mytholology and story arc of Capture The Flag from beginning to end and while it may annoy you that you won't get your final answers in this ep, it is the most revelatory of all three. It's been a long time but I'm finally here. I'm going to put eps 1, 2, and 3 together in a video file to create what will essentially be a 22 minute pilot that I can shop around when I'm a little older. Last year, I wrote a pilot for CTF and sent it unsolicited to a Canadian Kids Television Network and naturally, it got rejected. I was young and stupid... but guess what... I STILL AM. I plan to one day make a television show or a movie out of this series. The story needs to be told.

I promise to let anyone on Newgrounds know how the story concludes... whether or not CTF continues in the flash medium.

Capture The Flag: EP 3 hits the portal in 2 weeks!


2009-04-05 12:08:54 by Aeonstars

Hey guys,

As you can plainly see, CTF3 isn't up yet :(. I know I said late March but I stopped working on it to continue with my short film. It's due at the end of the semester which is a month away. I'm sorry to say that I can only continue working on CTF3 when that time comes. It's on the verge of completion so this is especially annoying. I'm so sorry to you guys who have been waiting it out this absurd amount of time. One of my big concerns is that the flash won't be as satisfying as you all hope it is. If this hiatus has done anything, it's build up anticipation -- which is a good thing but I hope that you don't close the flash window disappointed when the time comes.

I'm a horrible marketer.

A Statement of Truth

2009-03-08 19:37:29 by Aeonstars

The Newgrounds common man speaks for thousands. Simple words say it all.

A Statement of Truth