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Capture The Flag Canceled

Posted by Aeonstars - February 3rd, 2013

Bad news, fan (s),

I know nobody reads this page anymore, but for any user out there lost on this site and somehow stumbling upon my humble little page: I've decided to suspend production on the CTF reboot. The project has become a ravening dog, eating up all my time and shitting all over the house. The truth is I don't find it very rewarding now. The truth is I'm not a very talented animator either. Writing has always been my focus, and there are several screenplay projects I know I must devote my efforts toward. CTF just wasn't flexing the right creative muscles for me.

One day, I intend to make Capture The Flag into the first 45-minute HBO-type drama with cartoon characters. It's my dream to make a 2-Dimensional show with 3-dimensional characters. Thanks for the support these past years. It's amazing to see some of you out there still wondering what happens to Evan Kingsley five years later. I don't know how this will affect my Newgrounds career which has been in a coma for a few years now. It's possible I will never make another flash. If that's the case, I want to say thank you to Tom Fulp and this site for giving me my start. I cannot emphasize how much I cherish the memories of making flashes in my teens and how much the experience has shaped me.


- Andre Szydlowski

Comments (7)

Man, I love your works, though. I really wanted to see more from you. I hope you don't leave, but I respect your decisions. Best of luck to you in whatever you do.

Thanks, man. I might make a short little flash here and there. It's possible.

well, that's life.... i guess. Always checked back hear from time to time to see if there was an update. I always was curious to find out what happened to characters. even after the scripts you sent. it's an interesting story that had a variety of characters and an animation that had its own style. Hold on to this story and hold on to that dream of yours. You'll do great things, I can tell. Best of luck to you and what the future has in-store for you.

Thanks for the support over the years, Emat! It was very encouraging and I appreciate these last kind words. The series will live on someday. All the best to you too.

aaaw man... i love this series, have been looking forward to episode 4...guess we will never know what happens next...

You will! One day!

A terrible shame, but understandable. Capture the Flag shall be sorely missed as a series, however a 45 minute version would be amazing. If you do make such a production, even if it is in over a decade, please post it or inform us of it here- I shall continue checking for years to come. Best of luck with all your future projects!

In ten years start checking your TV listings! Or I guess in ten years... start checking your hologram cube? That'll be a thing, right?

Why not do a kickstarter? You are awesome y the way loved your silent protagonist short. Will miss you man.

Thanks for the kind words!

Hey bud, Simon's replacement VO here. Sorry to see this end but I do hope your future endeavors go well for you. Keep me in mind if you need a spare voice somewhere. Maybe sometime in the future we can find out what happens to Evan =)

Stay safe, stay frosty!