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My old series is getting a face-lift!

2012-09-04 13:06:52 by Aeonstars

Check out a new (un-detailed) image of Evan 2.0! Capture The Flag is coming back and it's got a new paint job. Farewell gritty lines-- goodbye obsessive sketching! I'm really looking forward to resuscitating this baby. Stay tuned in the comings months for Capture The Flag: EP IV!

My old series is getting a face-lift!


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2012-09-04 14:04:48

Your old style looked better, definitely had more details. You're going a step backwards with this.

Aeonstars responds:

this image still needs detail and shading, but overall I much prefer this style.


2012-09-04 14:18:23

You should definitely use colored outlines.

Aeonstars responds:

I've thought about it before, but I like black outlines.


2012-09-04 18:04:56

You're probably not gonna care too much about a random NGer's advice, and that's ok, but in my humble opinion, you should remove the black outlines from background objects, leaving only the colors, so the characters stand out a bit.
I'd also say lighter colors, but, again, it's entirely up to you.

Aeonstars responds:

Hey, thanks for the advice. With two votes for coloured outlines, it's definitely something I will try out but I am a big fan of all black. As for the colors, I have slight colour-blindess to the point where I see shades differently. In the first two episodes of CTF, Evan has a completely different coloured hand and I had no clue until my friends pointed it out. I'll be sure to run my palette by someone with normal eyesight when submission time comes.


2012-09-04 20:47:37

I like strong black outlines too but "discovered" colored outlines recently and it's so much more appealing to the eye. Black outlines made my work appear cheaper than it was and I realized that a visual style with mono-colored outlines is way harder to pull off right.