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The dishes can wait

2012-08-21 19:24:37 by Aeonstars

Hey fan (s?),

Just checking in to let you know I'm still alive. I've been so excited lately to get this old flash series started again. I'm watching some old NG cartoons and I'm getting goose pimples (GOOSE pimples!). I'm aiming for a release two months from now. I've been pretty busy with my part-time job, my feature film script, and other responsibilities but CTF4 is on track, though slightly sluggish in its production time. In the meantime, here's a sneak behind-the-scenes screenshot of The Manor barebones. Painting and shading to follow.

These last couple of years have been a trying time for me creatively. Progress always feels elusive-- even when I'm staring at page 74 of a script that didn't have a page one less than two months ago. I spent the last year and a half pouring myself into a short film that I think is pretty damn funny, but no festival took it. I don't feel sorry for myself, only frustrated. But I remain optimistic and these setbacks have humbled me and tempered my expectations. I don't suspect CTF4 will do very well when it's released. It's only going to be a few minutes after all. A re-introduction of things to come. But I plow through because I like it, and I love having a finished movie. I'm about to begin a work session right now. I got a pile of dishes sitting behind me in my cramped 1 1/2 but animating comes first.

The dishes can wait


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2012-08-21 20:31:00

Can't wait to see what you can cook up!

Aeonstars responds:



2012-08-21 20:45:11

you know it

Aeonstars responds:

you know I know it


2012-08-22 07:47:43

It's good that you remain positive and determined, that's a quality certainly not everyone has.