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Gonna give my old flash series some much needed CPR.

2012-06-10 21:42:07 by Aeonstars

None if you guys remember me, but I'm going to make a movie again. "Well this is joyous news!" I already hear you crying. Hopefully CTF4 will be out by the end of the summer and Capture The Flag will be brought back to life after a long hiatus :).

Gonna give my old flash series some much needed CPR.


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2012-06-10 22:49:30

I forgive you because of the Arrested Development reference. Clearly you spent your time productively elsewhere.

Aeonstars responds:

Wow! How are you? It's been forever.


2012-06-10 23:06:55

Haha doing good man. Been doing even less animating than you however. How about you?

(Updated ) Aeonstars responds:

Pretty good, I've been working hard on my own stuff and I made a few live action shorts in the last three years. Still very much student films though. What have you been making?


2012-06-10 23:43:01

I approve of this news!

Aeonstars responds:

Deven! Glad I have your stamp of approval. Can't wait till we get to meet this mysterious man in the lighthouse, him and his striking voice.


2012-06-11 02:03:22

Looking forward to being a part of this series~

Aeonstars responds:

And I'm very happy to have you on board too!


2012-06-11 07:52:56

I remember watching your first 3 episodes back when I was in high school. I can't wait to see the next episode!

Aeonstars responds:

I'm glad you still remember it after all this time!


2012-06-11 15:40:04

I think it was only a few days ago that I watched all 3 episodes
looking forward to episode 4

Aeonstars responds:

I'm really happy that you still go back to the series three years later. I'm glad I'll be able to give something new.


2012-08-10 22:13:41

THANK GOD!!! Almost gave up hope, its great to have you back. I'm curious if the next episode is going to be from the script you way back when.

Aeonstars responds:

Hey Emat! Nope, I rewrote it. Same basic premise though.