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Photo from CTF4

2010-04-29 23:01:25 by Aeonstars

I give you Amy in a nightie!


Does this mean CTF4 deals with clandestine underground preteen sex circles? If you said probably not, you're probably right. And someone point me in the direction of these "sex circles".

I'll be uploading images regularly. Who cares about secrecy. CTF3 has had 5000 views since June last year.

Photo from CTF4


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2010-04-30 17:14:08

not bad! im looking forward to your other drawings.

im also looking forward to see what the cav-AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (Aeon tackles Emat)

Aeonstars responds:

sssssh!!! ;)


2010-05-03 05:47:39

behind the scenes!
what i would like to know
what new tunes will be used for this episode


2010-05-04 21:46:13

You mean you don't know where the Clandestine Pre-Teen Sex Circle Emporium is? Why it's on St-Catherine Street next to all the other frowned upon establishments of the same nature. You claim to be a Montrealer and do not even know the emplacement of the local CPTSCE (Clandestine Pre-Teen Sex Circle Emporium ). Shame on you!
All nonsense aside, keep up the good work I'll be waiting with my critic hat on for it's launch.


2010-05-08 17:49:54

ctf 3 is one of my alltime faves. can't wait for 4!


2010-05-12 21:29:15

I am definitely looking forward to see what questions episode 4 will answer... or not.

I'm still looking forward to see why Amy is in a night gown. My hypothesis is: she was sleeping and she woke up OR she is going to sleep and that is why she is wearing a night gown. Makes sense doesn't it?


2010-05-14 09:25:01

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to record some lines for you... I'll hopefully get some done in... 3-4 days? I hope so, I get pretty busy with work and school lately, BUT COS I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH I WILL GET THEM DONE FOR YOU


2010-05-29 19:05:05

how is it that the CTF series views went down so much
tbh i love you work its one of the only reasons i go on newgrounds now XD


2010-06-15 17:04:37

probably(probably not) means that it's about 50:50......