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Just posted for auditions on the Voice Acting Club.

7/23/07 by Aeonstars
Updated 7/24/07

Yup. Hopefully, I'll get some good audition files for my flash. It is now 8: 45 am and I've been up all night poking around the internet and working on ctf. I really hope that people on the VAC audition. I've been going back and checking all night but I guess everyone's asleep because it's getting no hits.

Well, I'm going to try and go to sleep now and wake up for 12 so that means a 3 hour nap. Here's a nice little picture of Evan fishing. The water was so plain at first. Not that it's spectacular now but I opened up the yuyu to study Adam Phillip's way of drawing water. I noticed that he makes his sparkle and upon zooming in, his little sparkles were simple pen brushes. So I did two sets up pen brushes and had them fade in and out of each othe. Like I said, nothing spectacular. But it certainly beat a boring old color anyday. Thanks Adam Phillips!

Just posted for auditions on the Voice Acting Club.


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Can't wait to hopefully work with you! :) I'm excited to audition for all of these parts! haha



Well i'm sure voice acting club will come around :)
And the water has a nice effect and I like the lighter ripples around the poles there.Wow everything looks top-notch.
N.B-I'm lovin' his sneakers!!

i forgot what the name was of the flash?